Collective Workforce

Security Staff

  • Armed guards

  • Unarmed guards

  • Elite guards

  • Nepalese guards

  • Executive guards

  • Cash in transit guards

  • Emergency response team

  • Handlers for dog guards


Our strongest asset is our security force, some of whom have over 20 years’ experience.

We view experience as an important criteria during recruitment.  Many of our security staff are former senior police and military officers. They comprise 90% of our supervisors. 

The rest of our staff, the majority of whom are Malaysians, include Nepali guards.

Vetted Uncompromisingly

So our clients rest secure, we do not compromise in complying very strictly with all industry regulations regarding the employment of security staff.  Vetting by the Police Department is done immediately after the first interview.

Professional and well trained

We provide basic and advanced training to ensure our guards are :

  • professional

  • well skilled in their duties and responsibilities

  • proactive

  • able to act firmly and effectively in response to all
    possible emergencies and  situations

  • bilingual in Bahasa Malaysia and English

  • able to write basic reports to clients.

In addition, our training emphasises the projection of a positive and professional image, and communication skills.

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